04/07/2018 - Cincinnati, OH - Elevated Experience

This is an EDM event. PLUR will be in full effect! 18 and older with proper ID. Project Rain Trance / DJ and producer for 18+ years playing from the Mojave desert to Chicago Illinois and everywhere in between 😎 Andrew "Defi" Albright Indianapolis Breaks/Tech funk DEFI has been DJing for over 17 years now, starting out as a Trance DJ and progressing throughout all genres of electronic music, finally finding his passion for break-beats and tech-funk. He is also known to throw down a smooth liquid dnb set and don't miss his notorious sunrise trance sets! Also, he has played in not just Indiana, but has spread his high-energy vibe throughout the nation! DEFI has taken on a side-project in the past with fellow Indy DJs: James B. & Sound Victum under the name: Just 3 White Guys, who use multi-table & multi-genre turntablism. When DEFI hits the decks, he plays only for the crowd, so you NEVER know what youre going to get. But its always a guarantee that the dance floor will be full with energy everytime he takes the stage. Eric Wuest aka Excel Hard Trance Since 2000...... from somewhere in a tunnel? Even Styler Even Styler brings together elements from his favorite sounds into a style all his own. As a breakbeat-based, multi-genre DJ, expect mixes combining dirty basslines, broken beats, and amen breaks borrowed from house, breaks, jungle, trap, drum 'n bass, moombahton, and dubstep tracks; whatever brings the right vibe to suit the crowd. Even Styler has opened for Seth Vogt, Agent K, DJ Venom and been billed with: Sandra Collins, Skullheadz, Baby Anne, Plump DJs, Shortee (of Urban Assault), Fixx, Curtis B, Vize, ###(Pound Pound Pound), and many more. Hellnegative HellNegative keeps pushing the genres within Drum N Bass forward. Each performance contains a mixture of music representing every facet of sound. Whether you got into this sound in the early 90's, during the new millennium, or recently, you can hear how fast it is constantly changing. His goal, with every piece of music, is to create something original. He is a co-founder of Bassline Syndicate, whose goal is to bring the sound of DNB to a brand new audience exposing the sound to the general public via the label, blog, and Futura mix series. Affiliations: Bassline Syndicate Konkrete Jungle Social Media/Web: https://www.hellnegative.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thehellnegative https://www.instagram.com/basslinesyndicate https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtOjXiyInag3ZYs6exjcMgw Matt Mauer aka Get Dangerous Dubstep and trap Dj Status A veteran of 20 years, Status produces dubstep, trap and house music with a flair all it's own. www.facebook.com/statusofficial Kyle Wilson aka Big Kyle Indianapolis house/ electro/ Melbourne bounce I've been DJing for over 15 years. I've played all over the Midwest with inspirations all over the place so you never know what I might blend together. George Freeman aka DDK King George is from Cincinnati Ohio and goes by the name DDK. He's been DJing for 4 years and loves playing Dubstep and trap music electro house and deep house as well. He started DJing off of a laptop no mixer just using the keyboard until he got a mixer and learned on his own. Collin Shepard aka Red Snapper He hails from Cleveland area but has played venues, college and house parties all over Ohio in the past two years. His base styles are deep house and dubstep, though he can play any genre. " I love EDM because of the culture. I'm all about the people and the music. " Warchief Warchief spends most of his time experimenting and perfecting his craft. He believes in making continuous improvements to meet his goals. Warchief is an upcoming producer and DJ out of the Midwest. After years of creating music, Warchief is exploring a sound that can be described as an enticing melting pot of trap, Moombahton, and future bass. baby G This Cincinnati native grew up on the skating rink and calls his home genre breaks. Though through the years had developed a high energy style that involves multi genre sets to keep the dance floor bouncing and the vibe positive! Bloodbath Dj Bloodbath is a 27 year old chick that isnt scared to rock the place in any way! A lot of people dig her for her addictive stage presence and catchy tunes. Her first big show at cincifrost 2 in January of 2014 was all it took to grab the audience! Now she is still rocking it (occasionally twerking) and she can't stop!!! Music has always been a huge passion of hers since she started playing drums when she was 5 years old. Back in her hometown, she is also known for being in a all girl rock band named, "Halfwaythere," when she was only 16 years old. At that time, she played lead guitar and was up against the now famous band, "black veil Brides." Shes ready for a come back bigger than ever... feel the wrath of Dj Bloodbath!!! She grew DJ wise thanks to the Basspushers who have definitely made a huge impact on her. Now she has her own label called, "Bloody Productions." She is known for mixing a lot of different genres including; Trap, Dubstep, House, Drum and Bass, throw backs, and Top 40. https://www.facebook.com/djbloodbath33/ https://soundcloud.com/ashley-bloodbath-mcgrath