04/28/2018 - Detroit, MI - Adventures in Wonkaland

Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination... For one night, dive in to a world of whimsical creation, where everything is edible, even the costumes! Taste the rainbow, or swim in a chocolate waterfall. Sample all our earthly delights, including those for your ears! Two stages bringing you hardcore, drum and bass, drumstep, dubstep, breaks, bass house, and a ton more! There are tons of treats, but beware, some are sweet, but some are sinister... Welcome ravers to Wonkaland where we are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams... Doors open at 8:30pm 18+ to wander 21+ to imbibe $15 presale $20 ATD $25 After 11pm $20 all night long with out of state ID Group discount for groups of 10! For every group of 10, get one free entry! https://adventuresinwonkaland.brownpapertickets.com/

HARDCORE STAGE: Saiyan - Toronto, ON - A-bunch-of-stuff-but-mostly-hardcore-probably *KFA Recordings, Kniteforce, Canadian Hardcore Collective Mitomoro - Columbus, OH - Rave *Attack the Music, Rave Toolz Rex Stomp - Portland, OR - Ukhc/Trap/DnB/Hardstyle/Electro Swing/Industrial Metal *Arctic Productions, Shattered Emerald, Dansu Hardcore Night, PDX Hardcore Skell_EXP - Detroit, MI - UK Hardcore/Drumstep/Multi-genre *Hardcore 313 Potpocket - Columbus, OH - UK Hardcore/Drum & Bass/Dubstep *Justice Hardcore, Pocket Productions, Ignyte Events, Hardstyle Family 412, Council of Ricks Evolutionize - Chicago, IL - UK Hardcore/Freeform HellNegative - Cincinnati, OH - DnB *Bassline Syndicate, Konkrete Jungle, Adversary Entertainment

MULTI-GENRE STAGE: Jason Bouse - Detroit, MI - Hardcore/Future Bass/Trap/Multi-genre *Broken Records and Ice Queen Productions DATA DRoP - Baltimore, MD - DnB *3D Productions, Fun & Bass A.N.T - San Francisco, CA - UK Hardcore/DnB/Bass Music *Kandi love, HJU and Northkore Pandora Love - Chicago, IL - Psychedelic Breaks *Toymaker Music Vest and Tyler - Detroit, MI - Chiptune/Glitch/Dubstep Dr. Jakyll - Detroit, MI -BassLine/UK Bass/Bass house DiscipleThe Poet - Detroit, MI - Drum & Bass *Nightsneak