12/14/2017 - Cincinnati, OH - Spin Night Cinci

Anadono is hosting a Spin Night in Cinci !! Come flow with us and lets learn together!! Community showcase hosted by Anadono to encourage a healthy, solid flow arts awareness in our environment. Creativity can be healing, let us show you how. If we get good responses, we will be continuing them. Hit 'GOING' to RSVP to stay informed ;) ______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ 12/14/17 Doors/7 Music/9 Stanley's Pub $5 atd 323 Stanley Ave Cincinnati, Oh 45226 ____________________________________ These will be a 'no fire' event, this is only for LED and plastic prop manipulators. Live DJ's to align your frequencies and vibe out with, helping channel your focus!! Practice with friends or learn a new trick, this event its open to everyone ! Flow artists are to be respectful of other artists, share your space. All artists and painters welcome! Painters please bring appropriate drop clothes, lights and give room to the flow folks. Vendors message Hana for available space. *We will have an information station there to help answer any questions y'all may have if considering a career in the Performance Arts !!! Training and education on flow arts available. Invite all your flow friends ! Lets spread the word and make this something truly magical :) HIT 'GOING' TO RSVP AND STAY UPDATED _________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ *********December 14th, Thursday******** 12:00-1:45 F.A.R.G.L.E. https://www.facebook.com/futuretunage https://soundcloud.com/fargle_futuretunage fargle.futuretunage@gmail.com 11:15-12:00 Not Equal Music https://www.facebook.com/notequals/ http://www.notequalmusic.com/ 10:30-11:15. MVXX https://www.facebook.com/imvxx/ https://soundcloud.com/mvxx mvxxofficial@gmail.com 9:45-10:30 HellNegative https://www.facebook.com/TheHellNegative/ http://www.hellnegative.com/ 9:00-9:45. Tekknatron https://www.facebook.com/TekknatronOfficial/ http://soundcloud.com/djtekknatron www.youtube.com/djtekknatron djtekknatron24@gmail.com __________________________________________