07/17/2016 - Las Vegas, Nevada - I Love LV (Best of Vegas Pt.1)

The 105 degree heat did not stop the Sin City Junglists from descending on the Artisan Pool. All crews were represented thanks to the work of Johnny McNazty from Church! Bass Worship. In order to squash the recent pattern of cliques not showing up to competing events, McNazty let every crew be represented by their figurehead and a DJ of the figurehead’s choice.

We could feel the peace between everyone. No beef or drama was prevalent as everyone joined together in respect for the music. Jungle and Drum N Bass have always been the glue holding Bass Music together in the valley. Although Drum N Bass was the focus, all styles were represented.

The following crews rocked the decks:

Konkrete Jungle

Dub Church

Church: Bass Worship


Integrated DNB

Big Horn Sound

Bassline Syndicate

LTL Entertainment

Herb N Arts

The pool was cold, the drinks were strong, and the sound was heavy (Thanks to Bobby BA Armstrong of Shadowheads). The stage was set for a 12 hour bass music onslaught! As we walked in we heard Jeremy Espinosa killing it with Speed Garage. The sound turned from funky to reminiscent as he moved into some DNB classics to close out his set before welcoming the legend, Beast Fremont (BPSS) to the decks.

Beast Fremont brought us those old-school jungle vibes and had everyone moving. Ganjahmen Crew hopped on after to bring up the energy and set the stage for Razor Savvy. 40 minutes of booty shaking jumpup ensued. MC’s Typer and Snyper had the sickest tunes to drop lyrics over helping the crowd get hyper. I hopped on afterward to drop a complete self-produced, self-remixed, and self-bootlegged set. You could tell this crowd truly loved the music. They did not sit around waiting on tracks they have heard before. They rocked out to music that was new to them just as hard as the classics.

Zaiaku always gets a strong response, so it was no surprise watching everyone get excited as he approached the booth. The tension was building before he dropped into some half tempo heavy goodness and carried the swimmers into the early evening. We had to leave shortly after, but the talent didn’t stop there. For those that remained, the remainder of the lineup contained Vegas Valley Power Houses.