06/17/2017 - Las Vegas, NV - Gabberfest

Once again, Citizens of American Hardcore will descend upon Las Vegas for our annual Festival and Convention. The hardest delegates from around the country will convene with other hard-minded individuals to celebrate the music too extreme for any mainline setting. Speaker cabinets will pound through the unforgiving desert heat to declare our Soundwave Legislation. Feet will be blistered upon the boiling floor of Justice. Sweat will pour for the Glory of the Core. This summer, Congress is in Session... American Gabberfest 2017: Congress of the Kickdrum A weekend-long FREE* 21+ daytime event. Hardcore, Rawstyle, Industrial, Early Rave, Terror and More. International Guests: from Canberra, Australia DJ PHOENIX https://www.facebook.com/DJphoenixACT/ from Sydney, Australia EPIDEMIC https://www.facebook.com/epidemicdjs/ From Canberra, Australia ROHDAN https://www.facebook.com/RohdanDJs/ From New York LAUREN VALENTINE https://www.facebook.com/DJLaurenx3Valentine/ HOW HARD www.djhowhard.com Special Performance by THE HARD DATA DJ TEAM Deadly Buda/Mindcontroller/Lostboy This Year's Anthem by The Hard Data's DEADLY BUDA SURPRISE GUEST Back from the Next Millenium From Washington NEKROKICK, DIJITEK Bay Area M27, DRENCROM South Carolina DUSTIN NEON Ohio HELLNEGATIVE Utah DAYBREAKER Arizona CIK, K.O.R.E., CAP, PHOX Las Vegas' Own ACID ENEMA (LIVE), SYSTEM MALFUNCTION, SLYTEN, KINEKT, F.M.K. Southern California FIEND (LIVE), THE CYBERDEMON, FLAPJACK, VIGOR, SYMTEK, ASSASSIN, ARCID, THE GABBERTWINZ, OHGXD, EN3RGY, DELUSION, ENI, C1B2 feat. METAL JESUS, ALEXANDER, VIRTUE, SEPPUKU, INSPEKTOR GADJET, ALLUEL AMOR, ISATEK, ANTONIO FLORES Sponsored in Part by THE HARD DATA Indoor Stages Hosted by SDK Events and Techno Belligerent *event is 21+ and Minimum Drink Purchase is required