08/13/2017 - Cincinnati, OH - Pizza Club

On Sunday afternoon, the Mt. Adams. Pavilion was brought to life. As I approached the entrance, the heartbeat from the subs could be heard outside. After entering, I was greeted by the event organizer John Becker. He took a moment to give a tour of the venue and introduce each of the artists. This was an unusual practice, but very impressive nonetheless. It felt like this was more than a day club event with DJ's. This is a real community and you can tell that community is the goal here.

The DJ gracing the decks when I arrived, Heatwave, was playing a trance set. Any of you who have been following know that the sound of trance is not my cup of tea. He was, however, able to keep the tunes more atmospheric and on the tech-trance/tech-house side of the spectrum. The track selection really showed his ability to feel the room.

Up next is Mr. Fantastic. Now I noticed him at first walking down the sidewalk. To be honest, this guy looked like he was headed to church in his Sunday Suit. But, after hearing him start to play, I realized that the name Mr. Fantastic has less to do with his garmet choices and more to do with his Deejaying style. To say it was an hour filled with straight funk would be an understatement. You couldn't even walk from the bar to the balcony without moving your body. It was also refreshing to see someone rocking turntables (2 X PLX-1000's and a NI Traktor Z2). 3rd on the decks comes Vusive. We had him out at Wunderground Wednesday in the past. This time he came with two turntables in tow. This was the chill hour. While everyone was in their chairs enjoying pizza and drinks, you bet your hind end that their heads were bobbing. Last, but definitely not least, was Pumba. When you see this cat, dressed head to toe like he is going to a hardcore punk show, you wouldn't expect him to be playing house music and techno, But damn if I didn't get worn out on the dancefloor. In totality, Pizza Club was a success. Events like these are a great contribution to local scenes as a whole and I am happy to see someone bringing positivism to the city whcih I call home. Don't take my word for it, though. Here's what social media had to say:

Photos From Pizza Club 08/13/2017